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A European based materials engineering business moved strategically towards digital transformation and required a global network solution that could cater for that change.


As a business providing materials engineering services for industries across the globe, the company was moving towards greater digital transformation initiatives. This meant that the business was moving away from an inflexible MPLS network architecture to a global SD-WAN service. They wanted an network infrastructure that they could better monitor and control, while having the flexibility to downgrade and upgrade services as required by the business.


China Telecom (Europe) provided the materials engineering firm comprehensive networks solutions for their global operations across the Europe, Americas and China. This included underlay and overlay SD-WAN service using Versa across 5 key sites in the West and China.

An SSL Virtual Private Network (VPN) gateway between Mainland China and Hong Kong allowed for ease of communication between their globally dispersed teams. SaaS acceleration was also implemented to ensure a more seamless cloud application experience for all staff whether in China or outside of it. In the end, the business was able to focus on developing and manufacturing high performance industrial materials to their sectors globally


Rapid transition and deployment of SD-WAN for their network

The business was able to transition quickly to SD-WAN in weeks rather than months. They were given a portal to self-monitor allowing for easier downgrades and upgrades of services

Stable and fast global China Telecom backbone

With China Telecom, the company strong, reliable services across Europe, Americas and China with speeds and uptimes covered by industry leading SLAs.

Improved user experience for SaaS with their teams in China

Remote access users using BYOD were able to access what they needed to operate effectively on key cloud applications that business used globally including in mainland China.

“We are very happy with our decision to go with China TelecomEurope to help us digitally transform using bespoke SD-WAN solutions that works well for our cross border operations. They have help us keep our people connected wherever they are located in the world.”

IT Director

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