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Transform your production with IoT solutions for manufacturing by China Telecom (Europe)

Many companies are futureproofing their production processes with smart manufacturing. The use of the Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly developing around the world. Become a truly smart factory or transform your supply chain operations with industrial IoT solutions for manufacturing from China Telecom (Europe)
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Experience leading IoT solutions for manufacturing by CTE

Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for manufacturing introduces a new era of digital transformation for your production line to boost productivity and collect valuable analytics. Our industrial IoT technology delivers leading solutions with bespoke module pricing to suit your business needs. Unlock new levels of efficiency, productivity and performance in manufacturing with industrial IoT.

From predictive maintenance that can help minimise downtime to optimising the time-to-market for your products, the benefits of IoT in manufacturing are many. Our IoT solutions also enable higher customisation of your production lines by delivering real-time insights that you can use for predictive models and shop floor scheduling.

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Fully connected IoT solutions

What is IoT (Internet of Things)?

Internet of Things (IoT) is the technological branch of smart, physical devices and machines that connect with each other and the internet via sensors, software, and other types of technology. The smart devices and machines are connected via a wireless network where data is also exchanged. IoT systems utilise different technologies such as:

● Machine learning
● Real-time data analytics
● Ubiquitous computing
● Wireless sensor networks

This network of wirelessly connected devices that utilises the internet proves ever-expanding. The Internet of Things, which encapsulates billions of devices and connections, provides a significant disruption in business processes associated with manufacturing, transforming businesses and enterprises globally. IoT technology drives growth across major industries and helps birth smart factories through transformative manufacturing process optimisation.

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Unlock the true potential of smart manufacturing with leading IoT technology

With an ever increasing demand from a highly competitive market, it is more important than ever to reduce costs in production, maximise productivity and minimise downtime.. Manufacturing is a critical component of modern business. Your company will need to look for new and innovative ways to improve business processes and future-proofing business models through the latest technologies.

With global supply chains becoming increasingly complex and demanding improved customisation, IoT can collect the relevant data required to output the analytics regarding productivity, efficiency and more. IoT can help your business manage the manufacturing process, identify areas of improvement and discover new potential sources of revenue.

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Our Narrowband IoT provides reliable and efficient IoT solutions with optimised and tailored connections for indoor manufacturing.
As a leading provider of IoT solutions for manufacturing, we offer mature NB-IoT networks with a high degree of customisation and flexibility.

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We deliver reliable and efficient narrowband IoT solutions for manufacturing suited for indoor use

Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) carries voice data on a limited number of frequencies, using less bandwidth. It provides better coverage and stronger indoor penetration whilst also optimising power and spectrum efficiency. Our NB-IoT networks are well-established and offer connections in more than 55 countries around the world. With +100 commercial networks available, you will gain access to leading indoor solutions.

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Why your business should consider narrowband IoT solutions by China Telecom (Europe)

With CTE as your NB-IoT provider, you gain access to a large and mature network consisting of more than 60 Mio. connections in China (December 2020) and 325 Thing Specification Languages (STL) used to specify product features, capabilities and methods for an IoT platform. We offer highly flexible and customised NB-IoT solutions for your company.

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How your business can benefit from 5G connectivity in IoT

5G connectivity enables more advanced IoT solutions. Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) can utilise existing 5G mobile phones to match a higher need for faster data. 5G CPE provides a more economical alternative to costly Fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) connections.

Our 5G CPE for IoT systems offers many benefits:

● Your one-stop shop for 5G CPE indoor solutions and coverage.
● Support for multiple frequency bands in major regions and operators worldwide.
● Cost-effective alternative to expensive fibre connections.
● Global infrastructure and supply chain to source and integrate the equipment you need.
● Support for flexible expansion of Mesh Wi-Fi technologies, enhancing your indoor connectivity.
● Strong and reliable indoor and outdoor solutions.
● Fully compliant with EU and UK requirements and regulations.

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Why choose China Telecom (Europe) as your IoT partner?

5G connectivity enables more advanced IoT solutions. Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) can utilise existing 5G mobile phones to match a higher need for faster data. 5G CPE provides a more economical alternative to costly Fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) connections.
Our 5G CPE for IoT systems offers many benefits:

Global Leaders in IoT – We provide the largest IoT network infrastructure available worldwide. In China alone, we have over 60 Mio. connections.

Integrated mature solutions – Gain access to our ever-expanding IoT Ecosystem with thousands of IoT devices.

Leading narrowband IoT – Mature and reliable Narrowband IoT with +100 commercial NB-IoT networks in 55 countries around the world.

Expert support team – 1000+ device connection practitioners are ready and available to ensure that your IoT project succeeds.

Secure, compliant platform – We promise a robust certified European and Chinese operational capability. We offer solutions that are fully compliant with the Chinese market which delivers highly reliable traffic.

One-Stop shop – Partner with our high-quality global network and industry expertise, becoming a trusted provider and true on-stop shop for IoT and leading communications technologies.

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Become a smart factory today

At China Telecom (Europe) we are well-experienced in delivering leading solutions to digitally transform your business and fully utilise new technological opportunities for improving connectivity and help create new, digital business models. We also have rich experience in serving our customers in the manufacturing industry with a high need for custom solutions.

Our team of IoT experts are ready to help you with your unique challenges in manufacturing and introduce your business with leading IoT applications that create connected assets to enable manufacturing process optimisation. Generate real-time asset monitoring, intelligent and autonomous networks with reliable communication and coordination as well as predict downtime via analytics, cameras and sensors. Become a smart factory and unlock the true potential of your business.

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