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Access ultra-fast and reliable connectivity services for low-latency trading by China Telecom (Europe)

China Telecom (Europe), a global technology leader, can help you explore, plan and implement Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to transform your business.
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Ensure ultra-fast connectivity for critical business transactions

In a highly competitive financial market, your business needs fast and reliable connectivity to sustain growth. By implementing an ultra-low latency trading platform, your company can leverage a highly advanced and extensive, global network to create a seamless and competitive trading system to act on valuable data and events in real-time.

China Telecom (Europe) provides a global network of low-latency infrastructure at major financial centres to ensure fast and reliable connectivity for seamless trade execution. We offer highly flexible low-latency services to suit the unique requirements of your business. Our ultra-low latency solutions enable ultra-fast transactions and remarkable reliability. CTE’s large bandwidth connections also remove the risk of bottlenecks in the networks caused by high latency.

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What is low-latency trading?

Low-latency trading is highly relevant in capital markets where the use of algorithms lets financial firms respond to events in a matter of milliseconds. By being faster and better than the competition, your business can better detect and exploit valuable trading opportunities, leading to a significant competitive advantage. Latency itself is the time interval that occurs from one point to another in a trading infrastructure.

Low-latency trading often appears relevant for companies who engage in high-frequency trading. This means that your business has an algorithmic-based trading strategy that deals with high speed, high rates of turnover and a high ratio of order-to-trade.

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How low-latency trading is key to your business

In the finance sector, delays of even a microsecond can make all the difference in a successful trade. By being able to respond to engage and execute trading strategies faster than your competitors and in real-time, you can build a solid foundation for company growth in a hectic capital market.

Latency is truly one of the most critical components for financial institutions where success is determined by the most precise and up-to-date data. Delays caused by slow latency and unreliable connections can have significant financial consequences. Latency can truly determine whether or not your business secures large gains or suffer large losses when it comes to trading.

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We are leading service providers of low-latency exchanges to help your business succeed in the international financial market.
Our professional team of experts are available around the clock to ensure high stability, reliability and speed.

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Gain access to exclusive benefits and high-standard services

By choosing China Telecom (Europe) as your partner for enabling ultra-low latency trading, you gain access to a number of exclusive benefits. Our strong, global presence lets you connect with an international team of experts which offer multilingual 24×7 support, service and assistance to ensure a successful trading platform for your business.

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We provide a low-latency digital silk road to China

Our ultra-fast trading platform offers minimal latency, fast response and improved performance via connection to global Securities Exchange data centres and Mainland China financial data centres. Your business can also gain remarkably fast access to the three key exchanges in China via our extensive infrastructure.

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CTE provide extensive coverage with global PoP’s

We have established a strong network of Transmission PoP’s (Point-of-Presence) in data centres at the heart of major international financial centres. With our Transmission POP’s your business can gain access to supreme connection speed, maximum reliability and easy deployment.

We have deployed different Transmission PoP’s in key financial centrals such as:

● Shenzhen
● Shanghai
● Hong Kong
● London
● Frankfurt
● New York
● Los Angeles
● Chicago
● Tokyo
● Singapore
● Moscow

We provide a worldwide network of the highest quality with a total capacity of 70T and + 200 PoP’s, including 20 highly advanced data centres. Our extensive, global network of land and sea cables provides leading low-latency routing based on carefully selected shortest paths.

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Key benefits of low-latency trading by China Telecom (Europe)

Leading, global presence – We provide an extensive network of various points of presence to ensure ultra-low latency wherever you are and in major key locations around the world.

High reliability – Experience ultra-effective network resilience options with auto-recovery configuration from failover, leading to immediate fixes with up to 99.95% availability.

Scalable bandwidth – We offer various bandwidth rates from 2Mbps to 10Gbps without the need for investing in extra hardware.

Smarter, more flexible data – With MS-OTN (Multiservice Optical Transport Network) Platform, our low-latency services have excellent flexibility to suit your needs.

Colocation proximity to major financial exchanges – Deployed transmission POPs in data centres of major financial centres around the world such as London, Frankfurt, Moscow and Hong Kong.

Competitive Service Level Agreement – We promise a strict SLA commitment, including not only latency but also MTTR (Mean-time-to-repair), Service Delivery Date and more.

Supreme security – We provide exclusive and secure bandwidth connections for your business with dedicated circuits provided through physical network separation.

Your global one-stop service provider – We promise a dedicated team of experts, including your own assigned account manager, project managers and service support engineers which also periodically provides project progress reports.

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