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Rethinking Retail: How to deliver what customers want now

Resources and recording of the Rethinking Retail webinar


Rethinking Retail webinar 

In Europe, retail businesses are adapting to restrictions in their warehouses and stores. Customers all over the world are changing how they behave and taking their work, social lives and shopping online. Can your business deliver what customers want now?

Our recent Rethinking Retail webinar shared insights into the current market to help you rethink your retail strategy. Learn from the past. Understand the present. Invest in your future.

During the webinar, we shared some best practice solutions from China Telecom (Europe) Ltd. to adapt your retail business for what customers want now.

Watch the webinar recording here.

Unable to view, check the video here.


Our team at China Telecom (Europe) Ltd. (CTE) offers bespoke services to fit your needs today and into the future.

Please find links below to download brochures of solutions mentioned in our webinar:

Crisis managing (dealing with the immediate repercussions of Covid-19 to your operations)

Adapting to change (online demand)

Future-proofing (new business models and markets)

  • Alibaba Cloud Intro
  • Alibaba Cloud Overview
  • Alibaba Security Infographic


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About your host: China Telecom Europe Ltd. (CTE)

CTE has the biggest and widest-reaching telecommunications network in China, and is connected to every POP across China. Our experts have been supporting European and Asian organisations to do business in China for more than twenty years, including during the retail comeback after the SARS outbreak. Our flexibility and capabilities can help you overcome today’s issues, and future-proof your organisation.